The third and last production in our teaching series is a set of lectures on the Ten Commandments presented by Dr. Cornelis van Dam. We trust you’ll enjoy his short explanations of these commandments, also well known as the “Ten Words of the Covenant”;Teaching Series

1. Are the Ten Commandments for everyone? – Introduction (3:49) video
2. The First Commandment – Have no other gods (25:18) video
3. The Second Commandment – Make no image of God (24:22) video
4. The Third Commandment – Don’t take God’s name in vain (24:04) video
5. The Fourth Commandment – Remember the Sabbath day (26:00) video
6. The Fifth Commandment – Honour your Father and Mother (27:56) video
7. The Sixth Commandment – Don’t murder (28:01) video
8. The Seventh Commandment – Don’t commit adultery (24:26) video
9. The Eighth Commandment – Don’t steal (27:05) video
10. The Ninth Commandment – No false testimony (25:32) video
11. The Tenth Commandment – Don’t covet (27:06) video

Our second production is a 12-part series of sermons on the Bible book Ecclesiastes, using the theme “Why am I here?”. They were preached by pastor Ian Wildeboer at Mercy Christian Church in Hamilton; We make them available here in audio and video formats. The video links are available via our YouTube site;

1. Do you seek Wisdom? – Introductory Sermon (41:47) Readings: I Corinthians 1, Proverbs 30  audio  video
2. Facing life’s Emptiness – Sermon # 1 (40:11) Readings: John 4, Ecclesiastes 1  audio  video
3. Witnessing a failed Experiment – Sermon # 2 (43:00)
Readings: Matthew 16, Ecclesiastes 2  audio  video
4. The meaning of Time – Sermon # 3 (38:51)
Readings: John 12, Ecclesiastes 3  audio  video
5. Opening your heart for Others – Sermon # 4 (43:22)
Readings: John 19, Ecclesiastes  4  audio  video
6. Worship – Sermon # 5 (46:33)
Reading: Ecclesiastes 5  audio  video
7. Shifting Shadows, Unchanging Savior – Sermon # 6 (41:01)
Readings: John 8, Ecclesiastes 6  audio  video
8. There is a better Way – Sermon # 7 (42:43)
Reading: Ecclesiastes 7  audio   video
9. When questions go Unanswered – Sermon # 8 (40:18)
Readings: John 17, Ecclesiastes 8  audio  video
10. Homesick for Heaven – Sermon # 9 (40:55)
Reading: Ecclesiastes 9  audio   video
11. Fully invest in God’s Kingdom – Sermon # 10 (40:47)
Reading: Ecclesiastes 11  audio   video
12. Let’s get real (A) – Sermon # 11 (42:10)
Readings: Ecclesiastes 11, 12  audio   video

NOTE: These 12 podcasts were also used on our weekly radio broadcasts at the end of 2022. They are available in a condensed format on our Meditations page.

We’re pleased to present the first series of 12 audio podcasts as part of our effort to reach our listeners/viewers with topics seen through a Biblical lens. Panelists include Dr. Cornelis van Dam, emeritus professor of Old Testament at C.R.T.S. and pastor Dr. Bill deJong. These first 3 discussions were moderated by pastor Tony Roukema.

1. What is a Sermon? (13:45)  audio  video     2. Evaluating a Sermon (32:26)  audio  video    3. Preaching the Word (33:22)  audio  video

Our fourth podcast is an interview by Bill van Huisstede with the rev. Victor Atallah, director of MERF (Middle East Reformed Fellowship). They oversee a Christian radio broadcast reaching many countries in the Middle East.

4. Interview with Victor Atallah (32:08)  audio  video

The next three podcasts are a series of discussions on Political and Economic Systems through the lens of biblical principles. These are moderated by Dr. Bill deJong and participants include Brian Dykema and Jonathan Wellum, two local Christian professionals who are well versed in these topics;

5. A Biblical view of Economics (34:32)  audio  video
6. A Biblical view of Economic Systems (36:15)  audio  video
7. A Biblical view of Government (34:07)  audio  video

We continue with more discussions on the biblical view of Christian Stewardship; The purpose of this series is to build a greater awareness of the effects of debt in the life of a Christian and also in the lives of the members of our present society. Also participating in some episodes is Bill van Huisstede. We’re pleased to present this 5 part series on “a Biblical view on Saving and Giving”;

8. A Biblical view of Socialism & Free Market System (Dr. B. deJong, Jonathan, Brian) (37:42)  audio  video
9. A Biblical view on Global Debt Part 1
(Dr. B. deJong, Jonathan, Brian) (30:35)  audio  video
10. A Biblical view on Global Debt Part 2 (Dr. B. deJong, Jonathan, Brian) (37:43)  audio  video
11. A Biblical view on Saving & Giving
(Dr. B. deJong, Jonathan & B. van Huisstede) (39:09)  audio  video
12. A Biblical view on Investing & Giving
(Dr. B. deJong, Jonathan & B. van Huisstede) (36:43)  audio  video

The topics presented here provide pertinent information for everyone. Check out these informative discussions and thanks for visiting.