We’re pleased to present the first series of video podcasts as part of our effort to reach our listeners/viewers with topics seen through the lens of the Bible. Panelists are dr. Cornelis VanDam, emeritus professor of Old Testament at C.R.T.S. and dr. Bill deJong, pastor at Blessings Christian Church. The discussion is moderated by pastor Tony Roukema of the Burlington Ebenezer Canadian Reformed Church:

        1. What is a Sermon? (13:45) view here
        2. Evaluating Sermons (32:26) view here
        3. Preaching the Word (33:22) view here

Our fourth podcast is an interview by our VOTC chairman, Bill Van Huisstede and the rev. Victor Atallah, director of MERF (Middle East Reformed Fellowship), a Christian radio broadcast targeting many  countries in the Middle East:

       4. Interview with Victor Atallah (32:08) view here

The next three podcasts will be a series of discussions on Political and Economic Systems through the lens of biblical principles. These are moderated by dr. Bill deJong and participants include Brian Dijkema and Jonathan Wellum, two local Christian professionals who are well versed in these topics. Brian is Vice President of External Affairs at CARDUS, a non-partisan faith-based think tank. Jonathan Wellum, a Certified Financial Analyst and Professional Money Manager, is President and Founder of Rocklinc Investment Partners, a private Wealth Management Company. The discussion attempts to answer the question which system best represents values prescribed in Holy Scripture?

       5. A Biblical view of Economics (34:32)  view here
       6. A Biblical view of Economic Systems (36:15)  view here
       7. A Biblical view of Government (34:07)  view here

We continue with a few more podcasts that focus on a biblical view of various topics dealing with the theme of “Christian Stewardship”;

       8. A Biblical view of Socialism & Free Market System (Bill deJong, Jonathan, Brian)   (37:42)  view here

The purpose of the next series of podcasts is to build a greater awareness of the effects of debt in the life of a Christian, as well as the lives of society’s members in general. Borrowing has both a proper use and an improper one. We all know that “too much” debt can play a negative role in all aspects of life, so how do we deal with that and prevent it from happening? Also participating in this series is Bill VanHuisstede, chairman of the Voice of the Church. We’re pleased to present this series on a “Biblical view on Saving and Giving”;

       9. A Biblical view on Global and National Debt (Bill deJong, Jonathan, Brian) (30:35) view here
     10. A Biblical view on Household and Personal Debt (Bill deJong, Jonathan, Brian) (37:43) view here
     11. A Biblical view on Saving and Giving Part 1 (Bill deJong, Jonathan & Bill van Huisstede) (38:58) view here
     12. A Biblical view on Saving and Giving Part 2 (Bill deJong, Jonathan & Bill van Huisstede) (36:43) view here

We trust that the topics presented in our podcasts so far have provided pertinent information for today’s Christian. Be sure to check out these informative discussions and thank you for visiting…