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2015 November

November 2015

Dear friends,

It is time once again for our annual newsletter to keep you informed as to what’s new and exciting in the world of Reformed Christian Broadcasting and, more specifically, our very own media outreach program, Voice of the Church. First of all you may have noticed our name change. We are no longer the Canadian Reformed Broadcasting Association (CRBA), but to keep things simple the committee has adopted the name of our broadcast, namely Voice of the Church (VOTC).

As you know, our new website, has been redesigned and it has been functioning very successfully since the spring of this year. Our weekly meditations continue to be available for online listening and downloading. MP3 audio files as well as PDF document files are uploaded on a monthly basis and serve to provide a substantial resource of meditations on various topics of interest.

We recommend this extensive database to your Home Mission and Evangelism Committees because they may find these 10-15 minute meditations to be excellent for use in leading devotional services at nursing homes or in other outreach oriented gatherings. Please pass this information on!

For many years VOTC continues to be a member of This Christian website also carries a database of our meditations and it features audio MP3 files for listening and PDF files for reading them. They presently store a total of 542 meditations and continue to share statistical information with us on a regular basis so we know approximately where our listeners live, how many download our messages and how many visit our VOTC page on their website. They reported on October 30/15 that we have had 147,639 VOTC page views on their website and that a total of 38,895 meditations have been downloaded.

Speaking of statistics, another page on our own website that will become of substantial interest to you is called “About Us”. This page already contains a brief history of our broadcast and will, going forward, also contain interesting statistical information from as well as from our own site, Both websites currently carry Voice of the Church meditations and statistics will be posted regularly by our webmaster. Information such as how many people have visited our own website, downloaded meditations or left a comment continues to encourage us in our task. Last month our own website front page was visited 162 times (104 through Google and 58 directly).

The weekly meditations continue to be heard on the following three radio stations;

               CFAM-AM @ 950 Khz in Altona, Manitoba, Canada

               WDCX-FM @ 99.5 Mhz in Buffalo, New York, USA

               CIMJ-FM @ 106.1 Mhz in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

CJCA-AM radio in Edmonton, AB., has stopped carrying our program a few months ago; however, a new FM station in the USA has been found willing to take its place. KGCE-LP in Modesto, California, USA now carries our media outreach program on the local airwaves as well as on the internet. At various times during the week Voice of the Church can be heard in that area and we heartily welcome them to our broadcasting team.

Every month our clerk sends information to the bulletin editors of our churches so that members of the congregations can keep up to date with the topics addressed in our meditations. Please ensure your bulletin editor publishes this information.

Rev. C. Bosch, our co-coordinator, has once again compiled a list of suggested topics for messages in 2016 – 2017. Some themes under consideration include:

  • Going Somewhere? – One’s purpose and goal in life
  • Our Final Destination – Judgment Day and the return of our Lord
  • Family Matters – Holding a family together, relationships
  • How’s Your Health? – Spiritual health as well as physical/emotional health
  • Running the Race – The race of life in the arena of faith. How will you compete?
  • A Clean Heart and a Right Spirit – Based on Psalm 51
  • Fence Sitting – Doubt vs. Assurance, honesty and dependability
  • Heart Attack – Withstanding temptations of the evil one.
  • Lotto 666 – Christian Stewardship,  Why gamble your life away?
  • Guarding Life Savings! – What is worth saving in a throw-away society?
  • A Straight Path for your feet – Proverbs 3:6
  • Shining Like Lights in the world – Based on Philippians 2: 15
  • Dealing With Addictions – Substance abuse, Depression, Suicide
  • Psalm 23 – Our one and only Shepherd
  • The Prince of Peace – Who is He?
  • The Victorious Life – What does it look like?
  • Temptations – When one of our 3 sworn enemies tempts us

This past year we have also completed a letter writing campaign to promote our existence in the Canadian Reformed communities in Canada and the USA. Letters were sent to all the churches in our federation. We hope that those churches in our own federation who are not (yet) supporting the VOTC financially and/or sponsoring broadcasts of the meditations in their local area may consider doing so.

In the near future we also plan to begin an awareness campaign in the churches belonging to the federation of United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA). We plan to start this by inviting them to post a link to VOTC on their congregational websites, so that our media outreach as Reformed people may receive a wider scope of cooperation. We would hope in this way to get more people actively involved in promoting the work of Voice of the Church.

As VOTC board we thank you for your ongoing financial support, but above all for your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless us as we continue our work into 2016, D.V.

VOTC Board:

Bill Van Huisstede        EMAIL CHAIRMAN
William Helder             EMAIL CLERK
Marlaine Buist              EMAIL TREASURER
Chris Bosch                   EMAIL COORDINATOR
Harpert VanderWel    EMAIL PRODUCER

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