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2018 December

December 2018

Greetings from the Board!

It is with thankfulness that the Lord has once again blessed our regular broadcast over this past year. Much has happened and we are excited about the future of our organisation.

We welcome Dianthe VanWeerden as recording clerk and Ben Nobels, our video producer as the new members on the Board. In the fall of this year we have also welcomed a new radio station; FAITH-FM in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (93.7 Mhz) broadcasting our program on Saturdays at 6 PM.

We will soon be launching the new initiatives we have been working on. In spite of setbacks along the way with the departure of Reverend Chris Bosch and the health struggles of our producer, Harpert VanderWel, the Lord has enabled us to continue on track. Although slower than we would have liked, we realize that in everything the Lord works all things to His glory and in His own timing.

By the end of March 2019 we plan to launch the following initiatives;
 An upgraded website
 Re-branding
 Video
 Podcasts
 A YouTube Channel
 A social media presence

These things will be done in tandem with our regular work of producing broadcasts for radio. In this we are also very encouraged by the ministers who have been found willing to provide them, such as the reverends P. Feenstra, Cl. Vandervelde, W. DenHollander sr., P. Aasman, R. Kampen, J. Zekveld, R. Sikkema and D. Wynia to name a few.
Also, we are in discussion with the Canadian Reformed Church of Taber to provide content for a local Christian Radio initiative. We hope this will fit well with our podcasts as well as sermons and short meditations. In addition, Niverville Canadian Reformed Church, a new church plant in Manitoba and Voice of the Church hope to be working more closely in providing content for radio there as well. We thank all the supporting Churches for their patience and ongoing generous support. We look forward to our new beginning at the end of March 2019.

We humbly encourage you to continue your support in 2019. For now, with the new initiatives, we will be increasing our assessment for 2019 to $3.40 per communicant member from $3.10 which is what it was for the last three years. It is our hope that this will meet with your approval. We will continue to update you via our website with any new implementations as outlined above.

Kind regards in Christ,

The Board

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