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2017 June

June 2017


It is summer and we are pleased to bring you up to date with developments concerning Voice of the Church. Our weekly meditations continue to be heard and streamed on the following four radio stations:

  • Altona, Manitoba, Canada (CFAM – AM @ 950 Khz)
  • Buffalo, New York, USA (WDCX – FM @ 99.5 Mhz)
  • Guelph, Ontario, Canada (CIMJ – FM @ 106.1 Mhz)
  • Modesto, California, USA (KGCE -LP @ 106.1 Mhz)

These stations have been carrying our outreach program locally as well as on the internet and we are gratefully encouraged by their participation in our endeavors.

By this time we hope many of you will have explored our website, which over time has undergone some exciting changes. Our database will continue to grow and develop and we encourage you to make use of the MP3 audio files as well as the PDF document files which continue to be uploaded on a monthly basis. They contain meditations on various topics and should be of interest to your Home Mission committees as they lend themselves for use in leading devotional services at nursing homes as well as other opportunities such as regular devotions or bible study groups. In addition to our own website there is also our webpage on where you find close to 600 meditations for Voice of the church. Sermon Audio also supplies us with statistical information on a regular basis. We continue to be encouraged by the increase in page views (now up to 63,000) and number of downloads of our meditations (over 42,000) To January of this year more than 37,000 visitors have visited our VOTC home page.

Titles of our meditations continue to be sent to the supporting churches for publication in their church bulletins.  During the past year this has been done by our clerk, Brother W. Helder who in the mean time has retired from our committee and is hereby publicly thanked for his excellent and accurate work. We are also grateful that the Lord has spared the life of our producer, Harpert VanderWel, when he was seriously ill recently. We are encouraged by the results of prayerful efforts to promote the support of the VOTC by our Canadian Reformed churches in Canada and the USA. We now have 34 (financially) supporting churches and we look forward to more growth in this area. We are grateful for your continued support.

An exciting event during the past year was the VOTC mini-conference we hosted in the Ebenezer CanRC on Nov. 26/16. This was attended by reps from the various home mission committees as well as some consistory members and the board of the VOTC. The purpose of the meeting was to receive feedback as to the effectiveness of our VOTC broadcasts as well as to explore new ideas as to how we might improve and expand this ministry. Dr. A. de Visser gave a well-received keynote address in which he touched on many matters relating to the impact of mass media and the effectiveness of Christian radio ministry. One opinion which is shared by others is that Christian radio is most effective in reaching those who already profess to be Christian. Another is that it is important to maintain a clear Reformed identity. “We need to go forward while thinking strategically and prayerfully.”

Following this meeting and listening to the many comments and suggestions made, the board is looking into what strategic partnerships could be used within the broader reformed community. In tandem with that, we are in discussions with people in order to add various skills to our board. We need a new corresponding clerk, recording clerk and a few people to look after web-site maintenance and other skills. We will be discussing how we might, pool resources, move into the area of live visual broadcasts, possibly making use of existing broadcast facilities such as Crossroads Ministry in Burlington and other options. The goal of course is to increase our reach and effectiveness in content. We received valuable feedback from various brothers/sisters and organisations which are involved with Gospel-related projects. We’re thankful for their willingness to discuss how we might more effectively share solid, scriptural life-changing content in a digital age. This is also what will drive the expansion of our board which currently has four members. On this note, we can mention that we are pleased to welcome John Medemblik to our team. He will be attending our next meeting and we look forward to sharing his enthusiasm for the work of evangelism, as we currently have it on the radio and internet.

We ask you to remember the VOTC is your prayers and hope for your ongoing or upcoming!  financial support as well.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your valuable suggestions.

The Board of the VOTC consists of:

We ask for your continued prayers as we seek to increase our opportunities to further Reformed teaching in whatever forms of media that make sense and is appropriate.

Respectfully submitted by the Board.

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