Voice of the Church was originally established by the evangelism committee of the Canadian Reformed Church in Surrey, B.C. Its first message was aired on May 4, 1968 on radio station KARI-AM in Blaine, WA, USA. Since 1979, Voice of the Church has been recorded/produced in Burlington, ON, Canada. For many years this media outreach program has been produced on behalf of 35 supporting Canadian Reformed Churches, however, due to a variety of reasons Voice of the Church has chosen to end its broadcasting efforts on Christmas Day, 2022. Our social media presence continues on our own YouTube channel:

YouTube > https://youtube.com/channel/UChqOLPxbvJ1Ozdtjh9fe3ww/videos

Voice of the Church has enjoyed a faithful audience and that, during the last 44 years of its existence, it has been allowed to sow the seed of the Gospel far and wide. We are grateful for the list of churches and donors that have supported this work financially and prayerfully. Please remember the ongoing work of evangelism in your prayers, so that the seed may fall in rich soil and bear much fruit. To God be all praise and glory!