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2019 December

December 2019


It is with thankfulness to the Lord that Voice of the Church has again been able to provide meditations through the year 2019. As we close out this year we are also pleased to present the first four video podcasts that were produced earlier this year and are being released for November through to January of 2020. They are as follows:

  • What is a Sermon? Release date is November 15, 2019
  • Evaluating a Sermon. Release date is November 29, 2019
  • The Missional Church. Release date is December 13, 2019
  • An interview with Victor Atallah of M.E.R.F. Release date is December 31, 2019.

The first three Podcasts are with Dr. Bill DeJong of Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton, Dr. Cornelis Van Dam, Emeritus Professor of the Old Testament of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary and, as moderator, Pastor Tony Roukema of Ebenezer Canadian Reformed Church in Burlington. You can find these Podcasts in audio and video format on our website at , and also on ; or you can visit our YouTube channel at Voice of the Church or check us out on Instagram voiceofthechurch. We hope that you will take the time to share them when, and wherever you can.

Beginning in January we will be releasing a monthly video podcast series. The first 8 will be with Jonathan Wellum, President and Founder of Rocklinc Investment Partners, A professional Investment Manager, Brian Dijkema Vice President External Affairs and an Economist from CARDUS which a faith based think tank with offices in Ottawa and Hamilton, and Dr. Bill DeJong from Blessings Christian Church as Moderator. The over-arching theme of these podcasts is to look at Government, Politics, and, The Economy through a Biblical Lens. The release dates for these following podcasts are planned to begin in February 2020 on the second Friday of each month. The titles are as follows.

  • A Biblical View of Economics
  • A Biblical Perspective on Economic Systems
  • A Biblical View of the role of Government in Economics.
  • A two part series on Debt. A look at the good and bad effects of borrowing, from the levels of personal borrowing to governments. We also hope to do a special session later on what the Bible has to say about services like “Pay Day Lending”.
  • After these podcasts we will do three on a Biblical view to Saving, Investing and Giving.

This would bring us to a total of 12 to 13 podcasts either produced or in the final stages of production that can be released over the next 12 months beginning this November. At this time we have concluded that for now we will do about 12 podcasts per year alongside the regular production of Meditations for radio and the internet.

We are very excited about other plans to continue to restructure Voice of the Church through the year 2020. In spite of these additional plans, the Budget of VOTC will not change for the coming year and therefore it remains at $3.40 per communicant member.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Board,

Bill Van Huisstede (Chairman)

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