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2019 September

September 2019

Dear Brothers in Christ,

We felt we should update you on our progress. When we last wrote to you, we mentioned that we were preparing video podcasts to be released later this year and into the following year. To date we have completed the recording of 7 podcasts.

The first three have been done with Reverend Tony Roukema as moderator. The guests were Dr. Cornelis Van Dam and Dr. Bill DeJong of Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton. The subjects are as follows;

  1. What is a Sermon? (13:45)
  2. Evaluating a Sermon (32:26)
  3. The Missional Church (33:22).

These podcasts went very well with a lot of worthwhile interaction.

The fourth podcast was an interview with Reverend Victor Atallah of the Middle East Reformed Fellowship. Its purpose was to bring some perspective to the wonderful work of evangelism in the Middle East.

The next three are part of a series of four podcasts in which we want to teach our viewers about Political and Economic Systems that are prevalent today. They end with a closer look at Socialism and The Free Market System. All of these will be done through the lens of Scripture culminating in a discussion as to which most closely matches the political and economic systems promoted in Scripture. It is important for Christian to be able to recognize these trends and how they affect the Christian Church. We believe that Socialism and even some forms of Communism are gaining position in our North American Societies.

The next series will be four podcasts that focus on the following through the lens of Scripture;

  1. Two podcasts on Debt and its impact on the economy. This will cover debt at all levels from Personal debt, to Corporate and then Government. In this segment we will cover the risks to economic prosperity should it all come apart. Our panelists believe this to be only a matter of time and how, as Christians, do we prepare for this.
  2. One podcast on saving and investing in today’s economic and political environment.
  3. One podcast will be on Biblical Giving.

We expect to complete all 12 of these podcasts by the end of November and begin releasing them in early December. We also want to release them bi-weekly as we build on this new platform. In other words, they will be released over a 6 month period.

These later podcasts will be with the following participants;

  • Dr. Bill DeJong of Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton as Moderator.
  • Jonathan Wellum, a Certified Financial Analyst and Professional Money Manager for about 30 years. He is President and Founder of Rocklinc Investment Partners, a private Wealth Management Company in Burlington Ontario
  • Last, we introduce Brian Dijkema. Brian is Vice President of External Affairs and an Editor of Comment at Cardus, a Non-Partisan faith-based think tank based in Ottawa and Hamilton and with other offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

As we continue with podcasting in the future other professionals will be called on to participate as well. We can be thankful that the Word of our Lord will never be exhausted. We will discuss topics in areas of concern in today’s society from anxiety and depression to other topics to “Engage the Church and Culture to the Glory of God“.

So, what about the radio meditations that Voice of the Church has been producing for over 40 years?

It is our hope that these can continue. However, our ministers are very busy people and it has been difficult for them to commit the amount of time required to dedicate to the writing and recording of four small sermons to fit into a month. We will continue to engage ministers in the United and Canadian Reformed Churches as well as entering discussions with Ministers from the Free Reformed Church. We pray that the Lord will bless this effort for 2020.

How will we broadcast the Podcasts?

We will continue to upload our meditations, and now our podcasts as well, to our own website as well as In addition to this, the podcasts will be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and our own YouTube channel, which will be established soon.

It may interest you to know that on average we have about 250 MP3 downloads per month through Sermon In addition to that, we receive an average of about 600 visits to our own website every month. We are encouraged by these numbers and look forward to increased activity in the future as we roll out our new platform over the coming year.

We are excited about the future but there is still a lot of work to be done as we continue to build on our new direction of Podcasting. And, although this will mean that the cost will increase for the year 2020, we hope that there will be continuing support from your congregation to allow this work to continue. With your input, we will evaluate all of this over the coming year in order to determine how to continue moving forward in faith.

Thank you again for your continued support.

On Behalf of the Board

Bill Van Huisstede, Chairman

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