Welcome to our Website

Voice of the Church, a media outreach program produced on behalf of the supporting Canadian & United Reformed Churches in North America
Our primary goal is to make God’s glory known in the world and bringing hope & comfort to those who are seeking a living relationship with Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
We produce meditations exposing the truth and comfort of God’s Word and we pray that these messages continue to serve as a blessing that truly enriches your life.
!! Please note that our weekly radio programming will end at the end of December. We plan to keep this website online, however these last 4 broadcasts will conclude the meditations on Ecclesiastes by Pastor Ian Wildeboer on the theme “Why are we here?”;
December 4: Homesick for Heaven – Ecclesiastes 9 December 11: Fully invest in God’s Kingdom – Ecclesiastes 11 December 18: Let’s get real – Ecclesiastes 11 December 25: Let’s get real – Ecclesiastes 12