Since 1968 Voice of the Church has been working to make God’s glory known to the world and bring hope & comfort to all who are seeking a living relationship with Jesus Christ, our risen Savior.
We have produced meditations exposing the Gospel and the comfort of God’s Word and we pray that these messages continue to serve as blessings that truly enrich our lives. As of January 1 2023, our archive of over 940 meditations was entrusted to our sister organization, Reformed Perspective. For more information on this organization contact Mark Penninga at
It is our prayer that these messages may continue to nourish many. Feel free to check out their new location at
Our weekly radio broadcasting ended on December 25, 2022 however, please note that we plan to keep this website active and the meditations archive accessible to our listeners. Thank you for your support.!
We invite you to tune in to our YouTube channel.