He Saw and Believed

Today is Easter Sunday and many, the world over celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let us concentrate on some important aspects of that marvellous event, on the morning of that first day of the week, so long ago. The bible tell us the women had watched from a distance ( Matthew 27:55). Watched as […]

Jesus Took Up His Cross, Let Us Take Ours!

Many today insist they have a right to take out of this life what they want. More often than not you hear expressions like, “ You owe it to yourself!”, or “You’re worth it!” Indeed, in many ways this is a “grab it” kind of world, and one that has little regard for the consequences […]

Blessed is the Coming King

Before long we hope to celebrate Good Friday and Easter. We commemorate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. For the month of April, on this program, we hope to give attention to some of the circumstances that led up to his death so long ago. Today we turn to the gospel according […]