The Canadian Reformed Churches form a federation of fifty-eight congregations. This includes three congregations in the United States, called American Reformed Churches. Here is a list of 34 churches in alphabetical order supporting Voice of the Church as of June 1, 2019:

  • Ancaster, ON
  • Attercliffe, ON
  • Burlington (Ebenezer), ON
  • Burlington-Waterdown (Rehoboth), ON
  • Calgary, AB*
  • Carman (East), MB
  • Carman (West), MB
  • Chilliwack, BC*
  • Coaldale, AB
  • Dunnville, ON
  • Elora, ON

  • Edmonton (Immanuel), AB
  • Fergus (Maranatha), ON
  • Fergus (North), ON
  • Flamborough, ON
  • Glanbrook (Trinity), ON
  • Grand Valley, ON
  • Grand Rapids, MI, USA*
  • Guelph (Emmanuel), ON
  • Guelph (Living Word), ON
  • Hamilton (Cornerstone), ON
  • Houston, BC

  • Kerwood, ON
  • Lincoln (Vineyard), ON
  • London (Pilgrim), ON
  • Lynden, WA, USA
  • Neerlandia, AB
  • Orangeville, ON
  • Owen Sound, ON
  • Smithville, ON
  • Tintern (Spring Creek), ON
  • Toronto (Bethel), ON
  • Winnipeg (Grace), MB
  • Winnipeg (Redeemer), MB

* Indicates congregations that are member by donation.
For more information about our churches, including the creeds and confessions to which we subscribe, please visit the official website of the federation of Canadian Reformed Churches.

Church federations throughout the English-speaking world that have a close relationship with the Canadian Reformed Churches:

Free Church of Scotland

Free Reformed Churches of Australia

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Reformed Church in the United States

Reformed Churches of New Zealand

United Reformed Churches in North America

l’Église reformée du Québec, a French-speaking church in Quebec, also with close ties to our federation.