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2014 December

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 Newsletter December 2014

Dear friends, it has been some time since you’ve received an update from the Canadian Reformed Broadcasting Association (CRBA). Meanwhile some significant things have happened.

To begin with, the committee said goodbye to Dave Dykstra, who was unable to continue with his work on our committee since his appointment to a special office in the church back in July/14. He has been ably replaced by William Helder, who has joined us as our new clerk. We welcome him warmly!

In our last two newsletters (November 2013 and April 2014), we informed you that a number of theological students at our Theological Seminary in Hamilton would, under the guidance of Dr. A. de Visser, be taking part in writing and recording some messages for our weekly Voice of the Church broadcast. This has taken place, and we thank them for their enthusiastic and much appreciated efforts. We continue to solicit help from ministers and Theological Seminary students in preparing messages for the broadcasts.

Rev. Bosch, our coordinator, has compiled a list of suggested topics for messages in 2015 and beyond. They include the following:

The Fruits of the Spirit
Dealing with Frustration, Fear, Loneliness, and Sorrow
Faith, Hope, and Love
The Easter Story—Promise and Deliverance
Let’s Consider Grace and Gratitude
Is Jesus the Only Saviour?
Is Evolution a Done Deal?
The Problem of Evil—and the Solution
This Awesome God
Abuses Abuse—Dealing with Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Abuse in the Light of God’s Word
Meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes
The King, His Kingdom, and His Coming
Rest in a Restless Society
“Rejoice in the Lord Always” — Why, How, Who, When?

The weekly meditations continue to be heard on four radio stations with a fifth to be added soon:

Buffalo, New York, USA (WDCX-FM @ 99.5 Mhz)
Guelph, Ontario, Canada (CIMJ-FM @ 106.1 Mhz)
Altona, Manitoba, Canada (CFAM-AM @ 950 Khz)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (CJCA-AM @ 930 Khz)
Modesto, California, USA (KGCE-LP @ time tba)

The messages continue to be available for online listening and downloading. To do so, please go to or to our own website at Both websites contain MP3 versions of the meditations.

We have begun adding, whenever possible, a PDF version of the latest meditations to our website. Your Home Mission/Evangelism Committees may find these 10-15 minute meditations are excellent for usage by those leading devotional services at nursing homes or other outreach oriented gatherings. Please pass this information on!

Another exciting development in the CRBA is that we are currently in the process of updating the Voice of the Church website, which will result in some colorful changes in appearance as well as in content. We hope this will enhance our public profile, making the modern design more user-friendly and able to serve our needs. In the new year we may also consider the option of hosting various types of video footage (MP4, WMV) on our website. Stay tuned for further developments!

In the not too distant future we hope to receive involvement in our program from more URCNA churches so that our outreach as Reformed people may receive a wider scope of cooperation. We hope as well that those churches within our own federation who are not (as yet) supporting the CRBA financially and/or sponsoring broadcasts of the meditations in their local area may consider doing so.

In this regard plans are under way to prepare a presentation to be used as needed for Canadian Reformed and United Reformed congregations. We would hope in this way to get more people involved in actively promoting the work of Voice of the Church.

As board we thank you for your ongoing financial support, but above all for your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless us as we continue our work into 2015, D.V.

General mailing address: Voice of the Church, 1232 Thorpe Road, Burlington, ON, Canada L7S 2B2.

CRBA Board:

Bill Van Huisstede    Email Chairman

William Helder    Email Clerk

Marlaine Buist    Email Treasurer

Chris Bosch    Email Coordinator

Harpert VanderWel    Email Producer

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