The radio broadcast Voice of the Church  was initiated by the home mission committee of the Canadian Reformed Church at Surrey, B.C., Its first message was aired on May 4, 1968, on radio station KARI-AM in Blaine, Washington, USA.

Since 1981 Voice of the Church has been recorded and produced in Burlington, Ontario. This media outreach program is currently produced on behalf of 36 supporting Canadian Reformed Churches. Presently four radio stations carry our weekly broadcast on the air, as well as on the internet.

In 2002 our website www.voiceofthechurch.org first began to make the weekly messages available as MP3 audio files for listening (streaming) and/or downloading. In 2015 we also started adding PDF versions of our meditations for reading and/or downloading.


The Voice of the Church executive meets 4-6 times per year to ensure that meditations have been prepared and that the production of the weekly broadcast continues uninterruptedly. We welcome our new treasurer, Justin Buist as he assumes the responsibility of looking after the finances. The executive presently consists of the following members: chairman, Bill VanHuisstede; clerk, William Helder; treasurer, Justin Buist; coordinator, Rev. Chris Bosch and producer, Harpert VanderWel. The sponsoring churches are kept informed of our activities by means of regular newsletters.


The meditations are received from the participating ministers and read at our studio. They form the main content of the 15-minute program which is broadcast on several radio stations. The titles of our weekly broadcasts are uploaded to www.sermonaudio.com/votc as well as to our own website, www.voiceofthechurch.org and announced in various church bulletins.


In addition to ministers of the churches that we are affiliated with, third and fourth-year students at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary (CRTS) are regularly invited to participate in the preparation of Voice of the Church meditations. Ministers of the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA) have also contributed to our program.


You’ll also find us  on the internet at www.sermonaudio.com/votc. This webpage contains MP3 audio files and PDF copies of the meditations we have broadcast. These files can be read (PDF) or streamed (MP3) and/or downloaded.

Here are the most recent statistics from this website as of January 1, 2017:

162,956 total sermon page views (hits) have been logged
42,124 meditations have been downloaded/streamed
37,101 visitors have visited our VOTC home page
5,578 meditations were downloaded to a mobile device
605 meditations are uploaded and available for reading, streaming, and/or downloading


As these statistics show, Voice of the Church definitely has an audience, and over the many years of its existence it has been allowed to sow the seed of the Good News. Please remember this important work of evangelism in your prayers so that this seed may fall in rich soil and bear much fruit. Soli Deo Gloria!